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Concierge Occupational Medicine Solutions

Servicing Hampton Roads

Who are we?


WorkersFirst is a women-owned, provider-owned occupational health clinic focused solely on the delivery of health services to employees in the Hampton Roads Area.  Our mission is to provide clients with concierge level access to our clinicians
and the responsiveness that you would expect from having a dedicated occupational medicine service provider.  We specialize in the delivery of industry specific medical examinations, OSHA surveillance testing, and work place injury care.


Who do we serve?

Workers First

First and foremost, we serve the workers of the Hampton Roads Area.  

We offer same day and next day appointments with minimal waiting time.  We provide highly specialized examinations including FAA, HIMS, Ionizing Radiation and Dive Physicals, in addition to pre-employment screening for the Shipbuilding, Maritime, Construction, and Commercial Transport Industries.

In the event of a workplace injury, we also provide diagnosis and treatment using evidence based medicine that focuses on therapies proven to improve outcomes.

How does it Work?

Concierge Occupational Medicine

We are a membership-based occupational medicine clinic. We partner with business owners to tailor packages that meet the unique needs of their workforce.  We make it a priority to get to know each our member organizations, understand their workforce needs, and forge a collaborative relationship that continues beyond implementation.  

Contact us today to discuss a membership that works best for your organization.